Gifted Education

Introduction to Tournament of Minds (TOM1)

This is the first module of a 3 part series. It covers the basics of Tournament of Minds, in both its traditional form and introduces the new "Super Challenge" online format avavilable exclusively in 2020.
This course will allow facilitators to gain:
* in training a TOM team
* moving on with TOM in 2021
Skills in
*promoting team building and co-operation
*developing creative, divergent and critical thinking
* developing creative problem-solving techniques
*encouraging risk taking
*integrating the benefits of TOM into a total school plan
*supporting students to achieve in high pressure situations
* about the Instruction Manual
* about team selection
  • Introduction to Tournament of Minds - Module 1
  • Introduction to TOM part 1
  • TOM quiz part 1
  • Introduction to TOM part 2
  • TOM quiz part 2
  • Introduction to TOM part 3
  • Tom quiz part 3
  • Helpful hints for Facilitators and Teams 2018.docx
  • Mini Challenge 1
  • Session 1 completed
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed