Working Together in Innovative Learning Environments 3hours (EP1)

This course provides research based strategies for working together with other teachers in innovative learning environments. These environments consist of a large open plan space, with 2 or more teachers. There are four components to this course:
Defining Innovative Learning Environments
Learning from the Past - Research based
Case Studies - What are people saying about working in ILEs? (Literature Review)
Identified Strategies for Teaching together in an ILE
Each section includes a short quiz to confirm your understanding.
You will be given access to downloadable files.
A certificate will be awarded on completion of the course.

  • Unit Outcomes
  • Module 1 Defining ILEs
  • Module 1 Defining ILEs
  • Module 2 Pedagogy for ILEs: Looking back, looking forward
  • Task 2 Looking back, looking forward
  • Module 3 Case Studies 1
  • Module 3 Case Studies 2
  • Task 3
  • Module 4 Working Together
  • Final Task-assignment
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever